John is the founder and Clinical Director for the National Institute for Resiliency & Wellness. John was selected "2009 Consultant of the Year" by the National Institute for Trauma and Loss with Children. John has over thirty years experience working with vulnerable youth with traumatic and delinquent histories. He is a certified trauma consultant and is an accredited member of the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. He is a certified trainer in therapeutic crisis intervention. Mr. Micsak is a registered clinician with Robertson Research which provides clients with a program to help balance brain chemistry with holistic approaches. John is a national trainer with RAP (Response Ability Pathways) which is a resiliency program developed in South Africa to assist at-risk youth populations. Mr Micsak's resiliency outreach program for youth recently gain national attention in "Psychology Today" He has worked as an liaison and consultant to schools, families, mental health and legal professionals in helping them work with vulnerable populations of at-risk children and youth. Author of a revolutionary educational manual “Brain, Body, Mind: Restoring Healthy Pathways for Children and Youth". John is available for workshops, key note presentations, consultation and program development.               

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MATT HIRSCHENBERGER- VICE PRESIDENT- Matt is our business director and school liaison. Matt has a BA in psychology, physical education and is special education certified. Mr. Hirschenberger is the former national sales director for excel communications. He is active in the community and has organized resiliency and relational activities for inner city youth. Matt has served on a state wide committee to develop relational based programing for special needs children and adolescents.


Ruth has an M.S.W. degree from Michigan State University. Ms. Andrus is licensed through the State of Michigan. She has been working as a family therapist for nearly twenty years and has been working with adolescent male sexual offenders, their families, and their victims for about seven years. Ruth has also presented training's for co-workers and foster care parents regarding sexual offense and victim issues. Ruth is considered an expert for consultation of these issues of victimization and healing. Ms. Andrus is a certified trauma specialist from the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children Ms. Andrus is available for in-home coaching and support for families who have experienced traumatic stress and/or victimization.


Jim has been practicing Tai Chi for 31 years and teaching it for 26 years in the Saginaw area as well as twice per year in California. A founding member of Cloudhands Michigan (1988) which is dedicated to the promotion of Tai Chi for Health in the State of Michigan.  Jim has studied with such notables as: HH Lui, Chung liang, Al Huang, Fong Ha, TT Liang and Dr Zwaien Shen. Mr. Bush is currently teaching for Saginaw Valley State University's OLLI program as well as Saginaw Township Community Education

Dan Estrada is a school principal at an alternative school setting. He is an instructor at Saginaw Valley State University teaching in the social work department. He has provided family and individual therapy with abused and neglected youth during his fifteen years of experience. He has participated in numerous conferences and training's providing insight on working with difficult teens presenting as multi-problematic with varying diagnosis. He also served as the coordinator of family services for Holy Cross Children's Services in Michigan. Dan is available for consultation, community outreach and for in-home coaching.




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