“Healing the Inside Child: Brain Based and Wellness Approaches with Challenging Children and Adolescents”

  • New research based on neurological considerations in approaching special needs youth. (youth with RAD, trauma, ADHD, BI-polar e.g.)
  • Understanding A.C.E.S (adverse childhood experiences) and developmental trauma disorder
  • Applying new and powerful strategies such as: titration/pendulation, bids and windows, micro-connecting, safety zones, sensory re-integration, transitioning, conscious parenting, bilateral stimulation, time in, containment, affect identification, modulation and expression, primary prevention, de-escalation, neuro-sequential treatment planning, creative pedagogy, energy psychology, re-programming the unconscious, mindfulness awareness practice and more.
  • Powerful videos and case reviews with clinical application.
  • Learn how to set up healing environments for home, school and residential facilities
  • Conscious relationship building and charismatic care-giving
  • Options on enhancing brain chemistry (without medication) will be presented
  • Presents new research on how youth with neurological deficits can “catch up”
  • How to healing the brain and change your life: healthy vs. toxic input
  • Participants will experience self exploration activities, and develop their own healthy brain program



"Resiliency Work: Creating Healthy Pathways for Vulnerable Youth Populations"

  •  Learn resiliency and strength based approaches vs. medical/disease model approaches
  • "The Microwave Society” and The “Second Family Phenomenon”
  • Self-exploration exercise: Exploring the blueprints of your unconscious
  • “Institutionalized Kids” (Historically, how infrastructures have de-moralized them).
  • Common characteristics of the millennium youth culture and how we misread them
  • Risky vs. charismatic (protective) adults. The Relationship Factor vs. Behavior Blueprints.
  • The ten fundamentals of becoming a charismatic (protective) adults
  • Video Clip: “Broken Circle” the plight of a young man caught in the foster care/adoption system (award winning documentary) Case Review and clinical application of techniques and strategies
  • Self Esteem, Resiliency and NIRW research on the basic growth needs of all children and adolescents and how to meet those needs.
  • Group Activity: tuning in and listening to youth. Building our skill sets.
  • Additional strategies presented: micro-connecting, bids and windows, flipping scripts, empathy skills, motivational dialogue, encouragement vs. praise, assumption of compliance, positive relationships statements, attribution theory. intrinsic motivation and change. limbic resonating and body/mind feedback loops, ten super strokes to increase self esteem and more.

“Trauma Specific Work: General dynamics of trauma with introduction to conducting individual sessions with children suffering from traumatic stress"

  • Difference between grief and trauma
  • What parents and adults need to know to help traumatized children
  • Events inducing acute stress or PTSD /Difference between acute stress and PTSD
  • PTSD reactions in children and adolescents
  • Risk Factors for PTSD/Neurological considerations
  • Video: adolescent discussing traumatic events
  • Defining Type I and Type II trauma
  • Defining Complex PTSD and its implications
  • Debriefing after traumatic events
  • Traditional treatment approaches: Memory work, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), Group and Family therapy, Pharmacotherapy (medication), Psychodynamic (talk) Therapy, Expressive therapies (play, art, e.g.)
  • The New Modalities: Structured Sensory Intervention (Exposure, Trauma Narrative and Cognitive Re-structuring) and Energy psychology including Psych K, Bi-lateral stimulation and others
  • Conducting individual sessions (geared for therapists)
  • Video presentation: Sensory Integration with traumatized children and adolescents



Workshops and Seminars Honorarium
$3500 Key Note
$2800 Full Day Workshop
$1700 Half Day Workshop
*does not include expenses*

sliding scales can be considered for certain organizations.
"training curriculums" available upon requests
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