National Institute for Resiliency and Wellness (NIRW) is located in Mid-Michigan and is a collaborative of individuals and organizations working to improve the lives of vulnerable youth populations through training, education, research, consultation and service.

We recognize the crucial importance of childhood experience in shaping the health of the individual, and, ultimately, society. We approach the healing of maltreated and traumatized children from the latest neurophysiological (body/mind) and resiliency based research. NIRW also provides holistic approaches incorporating spirituality, body/mind work, and teaching the relational aspects of healing to caregivers and professionals.

A major activity of NIRW is to utilized emerging findings about the human brain and child development into practical implications for the ways we nurture, protect, enrich, educate and heal children. We offer  innovative programs for therapeutic, child protection and educational systems.

Children and adolescents are at the most stressful time in our history. While young persons can feel better after a good talk with a friend or relative, for moderate or severe emotional distress, this relief is only temporary. Understanding and working with trauma related issues many times well take the help of a trauma specialist or consultant. We offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently. Our premise is that with trauma informed knowledge and insight you will find the ability within you to make the changes in the comfort of your own home. You and your child can recover and thrive from past traumatic events. Getting back to the basics such as love, nurturing and parental influence and building relationships that heal are the keys. We’ll give you an opportunity to meet with one of our specialist or consultants and see if our system of healing is right for you. In-home coaching and support is available. Trauma informed and resiliency workshops, training's and curriculum are also available for families and professionals in the field.

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